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The mission of the Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is to evaluate potentially threatening situations within the LACC community, act on the potential threat when appropriate, and  make recommendations to the LACC President and/or administrator in charge on the proper course of action to be taken. The TAT is not responsible for evaluating imminent threats or emergencies, which should be immediately forwarded to the campus Sheriff’s Office and appropriate command level administrators. Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained.

The Threat Assessment Team is comprised of management personnel and representatives of campus departments with relevant expertise and professional training. Working collaboratively, members of the Team will systematically assess and address behavior perceived as potentially disruptive, intimidating, threatening, or violent. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, actions or statements by a student, staff, faculty, community member, or visitor that expresses intent to inflict harm to an individual or property.

The Threat Assessment Team will augment existing systems, and convene to consider incidents or situations referred by the college community that require team consultation (i.e., Campus Sheriff’s Department, Health Center Psychological Services, Academic Affairs, Student Services, Faculty, Staff, and Administration). The Committee Chair or Dean of Special Programs will convene the Threat Assessment Team

The Threat Assessment Team will help clarify and control the management of incidents/situations, including psychological issues, coordinate communication internally and externally in collaboration with the College’s Director of Public Information, and make recommendations to the President or Designee regarding incident-related threat monitoring and resolutions.


 Operating Procedures


A. Meeting Times
The Threat Assessment Team meets regularly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00, in the PCR or Admin. 207.
B. Quorum
A quorum will consist of 50 percent of the members plus one with at least one of each of the three constituencies (faculty, classified staff, and administrators) represented.
C. Participation
All meetings of the committee will be confidential. Confidentiality will be maintained by all participants.
D. Conduct of Meetings
Decisions will be made due to the sensitivity of information by consensus, except in the case of the election of a committee chairperson. Consensus will be the “rule of order.”
E. Selection and Duties of committee chairpersons or Dean of Special Programs (acting chair) :

A)  At the last meeting of the fiscal year, a member of the Threat Assessment Team will be elected as chair by majority vote for the following year (co-chairs may be elected). The chair(s) may serve multiple terms.
B)  The duties of the committee chair(s) are to:
           1. Prepare the agenda for meetings
           2. Preside over the meetings of the TAT
           3. Keep records of proceedings for the year
           4. Communicate with TAT membership
           5. Ensure accuracy of TAT website
           6. Report to the President and Senior Staff
           7. Prepare Annual Threat Assessment Report


A. Agenda Building
Items may be placed on the agenda in the following ways:

1.  Standing items including regular meeting items such as review and approval of minutes
2.  TAT Planning members may request that an item be placed on the agenda by submitting it to the TAT Chair(s) 48 hours prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.
3.  At the outset of a meeting, a member may request the inclusion of an item      for discussion.
4.  Campus members who are not members of the TAT may request that an item of concern be placed on the agenda by contacting a TAT representative or emailing the item to the Chair(s) of the TAT prior to the next regular scheduled meeting.

B. Agenda Order
The normal order of the agenda for TAT meetings is as follows:

1.   Call to order
2.   Approval of prior meeting’s minutes
3.   Old business
4.   New business

Decision Making/Recommendations

A. Decision Making

The TAT arrives at shared decisions in a collaborative manner so that recommendations are in line with the TAT’s and college’s stated goals and objectives. All planning is instituted through a representative, coordinated process that is designed to function in a collegial manner.
B. Recommendations
The Threat Assessment Team is responsible for recommending preventive      courses of action to the President and Senior Staff, including recommendations for college-wide, in-service training.  The Threat Assessment Team will assemble to review incidents and make recommendations to the President and/or Vice Presidents.


A. Notification
A clearly labeled agenda will be distributed to TAT members.  The agenda will include the time and location of the meeting with an invitation to all interested parties to attend.  Clearly labeled meeting minutes will be distributed to TAT members.
B. Reporting to Constituents
Members will be responsible for keeping their respective groups informed regarding TAT activities by reporting back to those bodies and eliciting input regarding items under consideration.
C. Annual Report
The Annual Committee Assessment Report will be prepared by the TAT Chair, discussed and approved by the TAT, and forwarded to the President and Senior Management.


 Threat Assessment Team Levels of Authority


Command Level
A. College President and/or designee

  • Authority to make final decisions with minimal time delay
  • Span of control covers entire campus
  • Provides resources/ removes obstacles

Operational Level (TAT) 
B. Operational Level members to handle issues that are extremely sensitive and confidential in nature, require team level decision making or simply to advise the Command Level 

  • Receives incoming reports/complaints of 'threat' situations
  • Recommends threat recognition/intervention/education
  • Investigates/ assesses reports
  • Recommends appropriate LACC response
  • Identifies additional resources needed for proper response
  • Analyze incidents to establish possible patterns/trends
  • Keeps Command Level advised
  • Summons Command Level assistance when appropriate

 Committees/Subcommittees/Task Forces/Workgroups

Crisis Intervention Taskforce (2010)

 Sheriff’s Department - LACC

The law enforcement component of the Threat Assessment Team is the LACC Sheriff’s Department, which has expertise in the laws and regulations dealing with threatening, harassing or aberrant behavior and assists college administration in investigating, assessing and managing such incidents, as well as  in investigating all reported cases of domestic violence and stalking. The LACC Sheriff’s Department can answer questions, take incident reports, provide referrals, and give safety presentations on workplace violence, domestic violence and stalking.

 Meeting Schedule

The Threat Assessment Team meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month in the PCR or Admin. 207.

 Committee Structure

The Los Angeles City College Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is under the primary authority of the College President and Vice President of Student Services to assess and respond, if deemed appropriate, to potentially threatening situations to the campus community.