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 Welcome to the Student Success & Support Program (Matriculation)


Matriculation is the process that brings the college and the student into a partnership for the purpose of developing and realizing the student's educational objectives. The goal of matriculation at LACC is to ensure that all students complete their courses, persist to the next academic term and achieve their educational objectives through our assistance; from the moment they first apply until they are finished at Los Angeles City College.


 LACC Matriculation Advisory Committee


The LACC Student Success and Support Program Advisory Committee (SSSP) was developed to provide oversight and implementation of the LACC Matriculation plan for credit and non-credit. The SSSP will also discuss and advise the college on matters that impact student success as related to the various components of the matriculation process(i.e. Admissions, Assessment, Counseling, Orientations, Student Follow-up, Research, Coordination and Training, and Prerequisites).


Committee Structure 

The LACC Student Success and Support Program (formerly Matriculation) Advisory Committee consists of the representatives listed below. 

  • One Student Success and Support Program Coordinator/Counselor
  • One Vice President, Student Services/designee
  • One Dean of Student Enrollment
  • One Dean, Academic Affairs (Curriculum)
  • One Dean, Economic Development and Workforce Education
  • One Chair, Counseling Department
  • One President, LACC Academic Senate or designee
  • One Chair, Curriculum Committee
  • Two Faculty Representatives, Selected by Counseling Dept.
  • One Faculty Representative, Selected by English Dept.
  • One Faculty Representative, Selected by Math Dept.
  • One Representative, Institutional Effectiveness/Research
  • One Representative, Selected by EOPS
  • One Representative, Selected by the Office of Special Services
  • Two Classified Representatives, Selected by SSSP
  • One Representative, Selected by Student Success Committee
  • One Representative, Selected by the Non-Credit division of Econ. Development and Workforce Education
  • One Student Representative, Appointed by ASO (One-Year Term)


Senate Bill 1456 revised and renamed the Matriculation Act of 1986 as the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012.  Signed by Governor Brown on September 27, 2012, the program changes were initiated on January 1, 2013 and will be implemented through stages over a five-year period.The Student Success and Support Program supports the transition of new students into the college by providing them services that promote academic achievement and successful completion of degrees, transfer preparation, career technical education certificates, or career advancement.  Students matriculating are referred to core services:  assessment, orientation, and counseling. 


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