2018-19 Comprehensive Program Review
 As part of the comprehensive program review, units:

1. Review comparative datasets​ (pdf/excel) 

2. Download and complete the form (please right click on the following link and save the file to your computer)
3. Upload the completed form here
5. Create 2018 -2024 Unit Planning Objectives
Deadline for completion of Steps 1-6 (including validation of UPOs by Deans): April 15th, 2019
After review by the dean/manager, EPPIC will compile a 2018-2019 Summary of Program Review Results that lists all unit planning objectives and status separated by ESMP strategy/measure alignment, as well as a list of units that are still out of compliance with CPR requirements. Committees with oversight of each ESMP strategy/measure will use the results of program review (a list of unit planning objectives separated by strategy/measure) to create committee action plans and make appropriate recommendations.​