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 Committee Purpose


The Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) is a committee of the College Council responsible for the:

1. Review of, and recommendation of revisions to, the college Facilities Master Plan.

2. Review of, and making recommendations on, campus scheduled maintenance and all capital construction projects.

3. Review of updates and revisions to all capital construction projects, and providing recommendations on proposed capital construction changes to the College Council.

4. Review and recommending updates and/or changes to the campus landscape plan.

5. Review and recommending revisions to facilities usage policies.

6. Review, research, and providing recommendations on facility matters related to emergency planning, disaster preparedness, and safety

7. Any functions of the retired Bond Steering Committee that are not explicitly listed above.


 Committee Structure

Reports to the College Council.


Faculty – (8)

Four Academic Senate appointees

President, LACC Academic Senate (or designee)

Chair of the Department Chairs Caucus (or designee)

2 faculty appointed by the Academic Senate President

Four AFT 1521 Faculty Guild appointees

LACC Chapter President, AFT Local 1521 (or designee)

Work Environment Committee Chair

2 faculty members appointed by AFT Chapter President

Administrative Representatives (5)

Vice President of Administrative Services, or designee (co-Chair of Committee)

Vice President of Academic Affairs, or designee

Vice President of Student Services, or designee

Dean, appointed by Teamsters Local 911 Chapter Chair

Director of College Facilities, or designee

Staff Representatives (4)

1 member appointed by AFT 1521A

1 member appointed by the Building and Trades Council

1 member appointed by SEIU Local 99

1 member appointed by SEIU Local 721

Students (1)

1 ASG President, or designee

Resource Members (Non-Voting) – Attend as needed

Construction Project Manager (AECOM) (Monthly attendance required until bond program is completed), General Foreman


 Operating Documents

collapse DocType : Assessment ‎(2)
collapse FY : 2015-2016 ‎(1)
Facilities Committee Annual Assessment 2014-15 Template 9 9 15 (2).pdf
collapse FY : 2013-2014 ‎(1)
collapse DocType : Facilities Master Plan Documents ‎(5)
collapse FY : Long-Term ‎(4)
LACC - Master Plan Campus Map.pdf
LACC - 2014-18 Five Year Construction Plan.pdf
2012-13 LACC LACCD Space Inventory Report 17.pdf
LACC - Campus Statement and Plan Summary 2012.pdf
collapse FY : 2018-2019 ‎(1)
LACC_Bond Project Priority List-Reprioritized 02 11 2019.xlsx
collapse DocType : Operating Agreement ‎(1)
collapse FY : Long-Term ‎(1)
Checked Out To: Vasquez, BarbaraFacilities_Planning_Operating_Agreement_Approved_2-2-15.pdf
Checked Out To: Vasquez, Barbara