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Makes recommendations to the college President on resource allocation, operational decision-making, and institution-wide quality assurance and process improvement. The College Council makes recommendations to the College President on college-wide process and policy implementation matters, including approval of the Educational and Strategic Master Plan, the college’s annual planning goals, college-wide budget priorities, facilities policies, and other policies that do not involve academic and professional matters. It is also responsible for assuring the continuous assessment and improvement of all major college planning and decision-making process, including accreditation review and reporting. Student learning and success is central to its function.
Committee Responsibilities
1. Makes recommendations to the College President on college-wide process and policy implementation matters
2. Overseeing the work of the Budget Committee as it drafts and implements the college annual “Operational Budget Plan”
3. Overseeing college-wide planning
4. Overseeing the drafting, revising and the implementation of the college’s Facilities Master Plan and Bond Program planning efforts
5. Overseeing college accreditation efforts
6. Assuring the continuous improvement of all college-wide planning and decision-making processes
7. Making recommendations on all additional college-wide issues that do not infringe on academic and professional matters reserved to the Academic Senate or rights and responsibilities outlined in collective bargaining agreements.
All College Council decision-making is driven by the college’s Educational and Strategic Master Plan and its core purpose of improving student learning and success. While the College Council may suggest improvements to college planning and budget processes, all changes to such processes must be approved by the Academic Senate and the College President by mutual agreement.

Co-Chairs: Academic Senate President and Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Total Voting Members – 18
Faculty – Academic Senate (4)
1 Academic Senate President
1 Curriculum Chair (Vice President of the Academic Senate)
1 Chair of Chairs
1 EPPIC Chair
Faculty – AFT 1521 Faculty Guild (4)
1 AFT 1521 Chapter President
1 Work Environment Committee Chair
2 AFT Faculty Representatives
Administration (4)
1 Vice President of Academic Affairs
1 Vice President of Student Services
1 Vice President of Administrative Services
1 Administrator representative appointed by the Teamsters 911 Chapter President (required)
Staff (4)
1 AFT 1521A Classified Guild Representative
1 County School Employees Local 99 Representative
1 Supervisory Employees Local 721 Representative
1 Building and Construction Trades Representative
Students (2)
1 ASG President
1 ASG Vice President
Alternates – One alternate each may be appointed by the Academic Senate, AFT Faculty Guild, AFT Staff Guild, Teamsters, Supervisory Employees Local 721, County School Employees Local 99, Building and Trades Council, ASG and the Administration. Alternates serve for the entire academic year unless permanently replaced by the appropriate constituency. An alternate may vote only if he/she is the officially appointed alternate and is a regular voting member from his/her constituency group is absent. Constituent leaders are responsible for ensuring that their appointed alternates remain informed of College Council business. Alternates are encouraged to attend College Council meetings.


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 Operating Documents

collapse FY : 2016-2017 ‎(17)
2015-16 Senate and College Council Recommendations and Outcomes.xlsx
APPROVED SPC Annual Assessment 2015-16.doc
COMPASS Annual Assessment 2015-16.doc
EMC Operating Agreement SPC Approved.docx
EMT Annual Assessment 2015-16.doc
Marketing Team Operating Agreement SPC Approved.docx
SOD Annual Assessment 2015-16.doc
SSSP Operating Agreement Approved Feb 7 2017.docx
Revised Fall and Spring Time Blocks Approved Feb 7 2017.pdf
SSSP Annual Assessment 2015-16 Approved Feb 7 2017.pdf
Enrollment and FTES 041017.pptx
DRAFT College Council Annual Assessment 2016-17.doc
DRAFT Summary of College Council Recommendations and Outcomes 2016-17.docx
DRAFT ACCJC Follow Up Report Oct 2017 - Edited May 31 2017.docx
DRAFT Marketing Plan.pptx
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