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​​Marketing Team
​​I. Purpose

The Marketing Team makes recommendations to the Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) on college-wide process and policy concerning marketing and branding, with the goal of increasing enrollment.

II. Responsibilities 

  • ​Make recommendations to the EMC on marketing processes and policy.


III. Voting Membership (by position/representation)

Total Voting Members: 10


Student Services (2)

  • 2 representatives appointed by the Vice President of Student Services

Academic Affairs (2)

  • 2 representatives appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Faculty (2)

  • 1 Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 1 Faculty appointed by the AFT Chapter President

Admin Services (1)

  • 1 VP of Admin or designee

President’s Office (1)

  • 1 public relations director

Classified Staff (1)

  • 1 web architect

ASG (1)

  • 1 student designee


Alternates: One alternate may be appointed for each area. Alternates serve for the entire academic year unless permanently replaced by the appropriate constituency. An alternate may vote only if he/she is the officially appointed alternate and is a regular voting member from his/her constituency group is absent.


IV. Operating Procedures

A. Chairs

  • The Marketing Team is chaired by the College public relations director.

B. Meetings

  • Meetings are held​ on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 12:30pm-2:00pm in the President's Conference Room.
  • Meetings are open to the campus community.
  • Minutes are made available both electronically and as hard copies.
  • Guests are welcome.

C. Quorum and Voting

  • A quorum shall be 50% plus one of the voting membership present. As much as possible, decisions are made during the academic year to allow for adequate review by college constituencies.
  • When possible, recommendations are made by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached a formal vote shall be taken.

D. Decision Making/Recommendations

  • ​Recommendations are forwarded to the EMC for review and approval.

E. Communications

  • Notification: The agenda, minutes of the prior meeting, and available supporting materials will be distributed to Marketing Team members at least 72 hours prior to each meeting and posted on the Marketing Team website.
  • Reporting to Constituents: Members are responsible for keeping their respective groups informed regarding activities of the Marketing Team by reporting back to those bodies and eliciting input regarding items under consideration.
  • Assessment: The Annual Assessment will be prepared by the Marketing Team Chair, discussed and approved by the Marketing Team, and submitted to EMC for approval.


V. Subcommittees/Task Forces/Workgroups

  • ​None


VI. Plan Linkages

A. Accrediation Quality Focus Essay objective 1.1 and 1.2

B. ACCJC standards I.B, II.A


VIII. Approval

Approved by the College Council on October 3, 2016; Approved by the Strategic Planning Committee on September 14, 2016; Approved by the Enrollment Management Team on September 1, 2016;  Approved by the Academic Senate Executive Committee on August 25, 2016​.





 Operating Agreement

Marketing Team Operating Agreement.docx


Getting Started

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