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A student with a visual impairment came in to work on an idea map for a class. His screen reader, JAWS, does not allow for him to create an idea map without the help of a sighted tutor.
I have emailed professor Radford to see if an outline would be sufficient for him to turn in. If I cannot get a hold of her, we will need to get a tutor to work with him on the assignment
I emailed the professor to see if the information in outline form would be sufficient.
She said she would accept the information in outline form since it would still demonstrate his ability to organize the information. But a tutor was able to help him convert the outlines into an idea map so the issue was circumvented.
Assignments like this will continually come up. It is important we try to empower students to talk to their professors about coming up with alternate assignments so that they can work independently. In many cases the students feel forced to rely on their peers.
No presence informationSkousen Radford, Mary E
The research database vendor EBSCO has several accessibility issues that include inaccessible documents as well as navigation that is not usable.
Barbara Vasquez has set up a meeting with a representative from the company so we can discuss some of the issues we observed
During the meeting I mentioned the problems with PDF files, the most common file format for articles on the database, which are not readable by a screen reader. I mentioned the problem with the html audio player which was not properly labeled for a blind user. And  I mentioned an issue with epub books, a less common file type, which had page navigation issues.
While the problems with the pdf files and epub files still persist, the company has since fixed the issue with the html audio player.
Because of the use of 3rd party publishers to provide content, EBSCO does not have direct control over the accessibility of every article they provide.
No presence informationVasquez, Barbara
A student came to the alt media department in OSS to ask if he could have help illustrating a childrens story he had to write. The student is visually impaired and is not able to illustrate the story himself
Contact the professor, Nancy Washburn, to see if an alternate form of the assignment could be done by the student.
I emailed Nancy Washburn and she was immediately able to meet to discuss the issue.
We discussed some different methods like creating a sculpture which could be done on his own. Or we could assist him to create a braille version of the story, or to create a tactile image that would demonstrate the way a student with a visual impairement might read or interact with a story
The student is still trying to get someone to do the illustrations for him.
No presence informationWashburn, Nancy E
During the accommodations meeting, several professors in the math department voiced their concern regarding visually impaired students in their classes.  
For students with low vision, we let them know that we are putting in for portable magnification devices which will help those students see the board during lecture.
For student with no vision, we are working on a system using JAWS and MS Word to recreate the pencil and paper approach to math that mimics the workflow of most students.
I have reached out to Dr. Bhakta in the engineering department to see if we could develop a project for the engineering club which would try to find some solutions to the math issue.
The basic idea is to program a microcontroller that would take button presses from the user and convert them to ascii phrases in MS Word. This would mimic the mechanics of using a calculator but would allow Jaws to easily read back each step the user is doing for a problem.
A more complex idea is a haptic feedback system that would better allow the students to visualize the topics they are working on.
In Progress
No presence informationBhakta, Jayesh
No presence informationKaviani, Kian
An OSS student with low vision came to us about an issue with seeing Powerpoint Presentations in classes.
We devised a method where a professor would use a free web service at to create a meeting on his computer. Then the student could use his laptop to join the meeting. This would allow the student to use Zoomtext screen magnification software to magnify the Powerpoint on his personal computer.
We reached out to Nate Lorentz in the Geology department on 11/12/2015 to set up a meeting.
Professor Lorentz was amazed at the simplicity of the service. And he agreed to try it out in his class with the OSS student.
I believe this service could be useful for many students, not just those with low vision. Sometimes having the presentation right in front of you instead of on the projection screen can keep the student more engaged. The only issue is that the free service only allows 5 users to join the meeting. A subscription would be required to include more students. I also recommend that more professors try to implement this for their students.
No presence informationLorentz, Nathaniel J
The UTC recently had JAWS and Zoomtext installed on the computers but the staff needs some training to help students.
I will email Kamale in the UTC to schedule a time to meet
I have emailed her about holding a training on Wednesday, Nov 4. I am waiting to see what time is best for her that day.
We settled on Tuesday, Nov. 3 @ 11am
The training was held at the agreed time. I noticed that the software in fact had not been updated by IT. They were running JAWS 13.
Training in Zoomtext went smoothly. I then trained them in JAWS and showed them how the software works, made sure it works with the CSU and UC applications, showed them the most common shortcuts a student would need to use to complete an application, and also the most common issues that might arise when helping a student.
I offered additional training and help if technical issues were to arise while helping a a student. I also mentioned that if a student has not had training in JAWS that she should send them over to us. Kamale thought the process was too technically challenging for her staff. She wanted to talk to Dr. Anderson about sending the students to the OSS to work on their applications
No presence informationGray, Kamale E
The staff / tutors have not been trained in the use of the software
I will contact Veronica and try to set appointments to train the tutors and staff
I went to Guardian Scholars and met with her briefly to talk about the issue.
I will send her an email detailing the trainings I would like to conduct. She would like to send this to John who oversees the tutors so he can be involved.
No presence informationGarcia, Veronica A
We need to schedule trainings with Guardian Scholars
I will email Veronica Garcia so we can schedule some appointments
I have emailed Veronica and I am waiting for her response on this issue.
*Update* I went and met with Mike who is in charge of the tutors in Guardian Scholars. He liked the idea of training the tutors and he is supposed to get back to me about setting a date.
No presence informationGarcia, Veronica A
We received an email that was forwarded to us about Student 1 missing assignments in his class due to etudes. The class is political science with Professor Melvin Aaron. 
We will contact the professor and inform him about the known issues that visually impaired students are having with etudes file submission. Hopefully the professor will be understanding and allow the student to turn in future assignments by email. And hopefully gives Student 1 the ability to turn in his past due assignments.
I am waiting to hear from Donna if I should move forward with this contact
A student requires a paper copy of her exam versus and online format. Professor Magee administers her exams through MyMathLab/MathXL so the online exam must be converted to a paper format.
I will contact professor Magee and see if she can meet so I can go over the procedure for properly converting an online exam
I have emailed the professor and I am waiting for a response. *UPDATE*
Donna also emailed the professor on Wed, Nov 4, 2015.
While she did not respond to our emails, I was able to find time to sit down with her during her office hours to discuss the issue.

Professor Magee is capable of printing the exam but is reluctant to convert the exam to a paper copy because that means that she has to grade the exam by hand. She mentioned that she looked at the students prior exams and determined that the student does not need the accommodation for the entire exams but for only the word problems. She still wants the student to submit the exam through MyMathLab

Her proposed solution forces us to convert the word problems of the exam for the student during the time allotted for the student to take the exam. This would eat in to the student's accommodation for additional time while also forcing a member of our staff to do the conversion.
Donna was able to speak with the professor and the student and Professor Magee has provided the paper exam for the student.
I believe we should put together a pdf guide for the math department that we could just email to professors that need guidance when converting exams from MyMathLab / MathXL to a paper format
No presence informationMagee, Iris S
Student 2 was given a midterm that had a link to an article that was on Google books. This article could not be printed or exported for conversion and it was image based so the text could not be copied and pasted to an accessible format. She needed a version in audio format and there was no way to create that from the article given
Contact professor McCudden about the inaccessibility of the article to see if he had access to the article in a different format
I emailed the professor and he quickly responded to me with an attachment in .doc format.
From the doc file, we were then able to create an mp3 version which was put on cd for her to listen to.
No presence informationMcCudden, Paul J
The University Transfer Center noticed they did not have JAWS and Zoomtext in order to help a student looking to work on the CSU application
Have them put in a helpdesk ticket with IT to have the software installed and then we can hold trainings
We contacted Kamale in the UTC and she was able to put in the help desk ticket. And the software has been installed  by IT.
Since the software is installed we will schedule a time to train the staff at the UTC so they can help students with the software
No presence informationGray, Kamale E
JAWS is unable to read the powerpoint presentations provided to the students by the professor
I will reach out to professor Stafsky to assist in the process of making her lecture slides accessible
I have emailed her about the slides to see if they were created by her or direct from the publisher. Since they are a combination, I asked if she would like assistance to make them accessible.
Since she has not reached out to get assistance with this process, OSS staff has to convert the slides for the student to listen to them. This can take several hours for each lecture
No presence informationStafsky, Gayle B
Student 3, Student 4 and Student 5 required articles for an assignment in Carlos Guerrero's Chicano 8 class. The prof recommended Jstor which is not accessible
Recommend to the professor that the students be allowed to use another database to find relevant articles.
I emailed professor Guerrero on 10/14 and he responded immediately.
At the professor's recommendation I tried EBSCO. This database is much more accessible when using JAWS and will allow the students to independently find and read articles for class
This problem may arise in other classes on campus. We need to make sure professors know about the inaccessibility of some of the services on campus
No presence informationGuerrero, Carlos R
A student came in with issues trying to do research using JSTOR, a research database provided through the lacc library. This prompted us to question which other databases have accessibility issues
Inform Barbara Vasquez about the issues we found to see if these are known issues or if we should contact the vendor. And also to find out which databases we should be suggesting to students so that they can work independantly
We immediately met with Barbara Vasquez in the Library. She assigned her employee, Roman Minasyan, the job of analyzing the various databases for their compatability with JAWS. *Update 12/14* We met with a representative from Ebsco Information Services about another database, Ebscohost. We brought up various issues that were observed with that database and I am waiting for approval from Dean Anderson to send the videos I produced to the representative.
In Progress
No presence informationVasquez, Barbara
No presence informationMinasyan, Roman
Student 4 and Student 3 are taking Chicano 008 with professor Guerrero.
He provides them reading materials in a pdf format that is not accessible and have to be transcribed by hand since the photocopy is not high quality enough to use OCR and even then, some words near the margin are illegible
I will contact professor Guerrero to try and make sure he knows how to produce accessible materials for his students.
I would like to talk to Donna to get advice on how to proceed with this professor
No presence informationGuerrero, Carlos R

​While working with Student 6, I noticed that there are some issues with MySpanishLab:
- When using the JAWS form list, some elements don't work properly meaning that he cannot input the answers
- The additional character palette which is required for accented letters and special characters is not accessible with JAWS
-Certain questions he is asked require visual analysis of images/maps in order to answer correctly

​Hopefully the publisher can make changes to the system for future students using MySpanishLab

​-I have sent professor Bae an email outlining the issues we have observed

​I received an email from the publisher. They are currently working on the issues. They are producing accessible e-text and converting the assignments to accessible word documents. They are hopeful these will be ready for Spring 2016
No presence informationBae, Youngmin

​Workers in the fastlab needed assistance using JAWS

​Training the student workers working in the fastlab in Zoomtext and JAWS

​Met with Calvin to let him know that we cannot provide this type of assistance
Reminded him that we would like to train his staff to avoid this in the future



​He informed me that he would like Francesca to take care of training his staff and asked if Francesca had contacted me about getting trained.

Mike held a training for their staff on Friday, Oct 30. According to he and Francesca, the training went well and I offered additional training for her staff if she thought it would help.

​I have not yet been contacted by Francesca about this issue. I will contact her on Monday 9/28/2015 if I do not hear from her before then.
Update(10/6) I reached out to Francesca and she responded positively about trainings. I sent her my availability but have not heard back since. (Friday 10/2)

Update(10/19) I met with Francesca and we scheduled to meet Wed 10/21 at 12pm

Update(11/10) I will reach out to Francesca in a week or so and see if she needs any additional training for her staff.

No presence informationRankin, Calvin D
Several Math 227 (Statistics) sections require Microsoft Excel to complete the coursework. Some of our students do not have enough experience with Microsoft Excel and are falling behind in the course as a result
OSS tutoring will hold group tutoring sessions on friday mornings. They will focus on mastering the use of Microsoft Excel with the students' course
Each friday I will set up the projector in the classroom and provide a mouse for them to use for the presentations.
In Progress
No presence informationKaviani, Kian

​The CAOT department expressed a concern that reserving the accessible computers would take the reserved computers out of circulation when not used by a student with a disability. SM

​By saying Priority instead of reserved, the computers can be accessed appropriately. SM

​30 signs were ordered with the wheelchair symbol and the word PRIORITY. The signs can be attached to the appropriate computers SM.
I met with David Janvelyan and David Coleman in CAOT and delivered the signs to them. When I do trainings with them I will make sure they have been placed on the computers.
No presence informationBell, Brenda

​GDP software is not accessible for visually impaired students
The book is not easily convertible to e-text because certain portions assume the ability to see

​Have a meeting with the department to see if they knew of another publisher that could be used in its place

​We discussed the issues with them but a solution was not found

​Since no solution was found, all visually impaired students in CAOT 001/002 will have these issues in the future
No presence informationBell, Brenda

​The CAOT lab we were in DH 204 does not have JAWS and ZoomText working on any computers

​Have IT come put and installed/updated

​We helped the department submit a help ticket to IT in order to have the software installed on at least 3 computers in each of the 4 labs
On 10/5/2015 I emailed David Janvelyan about the installation and trainings and I have not received a response
In Progress
No presence informationJanvelyan, David

​IA's and instructors are not experienced with JAWS or ZoomText

​I will conduct trainings for any of the staff that are interested

​We have informed them of how to get the software and once it is installed and working, I can conduct the training
I met with David Janvelyan and David Coleman after they installed the software in all the labs they oversee. They made sure the software was installed properly and working. I delivered priority stickers that were to be placed on the computers with JAWS and Zoomtext. I also offered to provide trainings for them on any of the software. They declined my offer but assured me they would contact me if they came across any issues
No presence informationBell, Brenda
No presence informationJanvelyan, David
No presence informationColeman, David H

​While working with Student 6, I noticed that there are some issues with MySpanishLab:
- When using the JAWS form list, some elements don't work properly meaning that he cannot input the answers
- The additional character palette which is required for accented letters and special characters is not accessible with JAWS
-Certain questions he is asked require visual analysis of images/maps in order to answer correctly

​-I will work with professor Bae to make sure that a workaround can be found for problems that are not working correctly or problems that require visual analysis
-Hopefully Sean can submit his work through email

​-I have contacted professor Bae and set up a tentative meeting for Monday 9/28/2015 at 12pm
-I spoke to her on the phone Monday 9/28/2015

​She is willing to allow Sean to do all that he can for his assignments but she will not hold him accountable for work that he cannot do.
She is also willing to allow him to submit certain assignments by email if necessary

No presence informationBae, Youngmin

​Accessibility issues have been observed with Student 7 in Professor Sambrano's CAOT 002 course
-The GDP software required for the class (like MathXL) is not jaws accessible
-The preferred method of communication for the professor is through etudes

​I will try to find a workaround for her assignments that are expected to be completed through etudes

Student 7 has contacted professor Sambrano and made an appointment for us to meet 9/15/2015 @ 11:30 am in DH 207

​-The student can now communicate with the professor through student email / outlook
-The typing assignments are to be completed using talking typer and the results are to be emailed or submitted to his box.

​-We have done as much as we can with the current system used by CAOT
-The results from the current system still have to be converted by us to a format that can be submitted to the professor
No presence informationSambrano, Robert

​Students turned away from the fastlab SSV125

​Training the student workers working in the fastlab in Zoomtext and JAWS

​Contacted Calvin about scheduling trainings

​See below for mor info:
I will contact Francesca to make sure she is prepared to train the staff if she does not contact me
No presence informationRankin, Calvin D
Need to train student workers in VA
Krixa will contact me about setting up times when I can train her student workers
None, waiting for IT
-She has informed me on 9/24/2015 that she has input the ticket and that she is waiting for IT to complete the job
-I spoke to Figueroa in the VA and she checked the computers for me. As of 10/13 IT still has not visited
-We have sent an email to Vu, Huong to try to expedite the updates
-I called over to Veterans Affairs, Krixa is on vacation until tomorrow and Andrea is at a doctors appointment. I will try contacting them again tomorrow Wednesday 10/28/2015
*UPDATE 10/28/2015*
-I spoke with Gaston in VA and he checked the computer for the status of the updates and they have not been completed. I then spoke with Krixa and she informed me that she sent an email last week but has not received a response. We will send an email to Juan about the status of this ticket
*UPDATE 11/9/2015*
I met with Krixa and we scheduled a Sonocent training and smartpen demonstration for her staff on Tue, November 24th @ 10am
I trained Krixa in the Smartpen, Sonocent and Read and Write Gold. She was excited about getting smartpens for her department and I will help with training when she gets them
I also gave her copies of the later version of Read and Write GOLD for Mac and PC so she can distribute the software to her students
No presence informationLim, Krixa Renee O
Checked the computers.
-Zoomtext is installed but cannot find license
-JAWS is installed and working
-Read/Write is installed but version 10
-Sonocent is not installed
-Will email Krixa with information for the helpdesk ticket
I have emailed her with the information
No presence informationLim, Krixa Renee O
Not sure if accessibility software was installed on the system
We scheduled an appointment for Friday, 9/11/2015
Went to the office to check the computers. The computers were all being used so I was unable to check.
Rescheduled the appointment for Monday, 9/14/2015
No presence informationLim, Krixa Renee O

​Students were being turned away from the temporary fastlab in the library

​Make contact with the technicians in the lab to make sure the correct software is installed and working

​I went to the library and spoke with Angel on the 2nd floor. He assured me Zoomtext and Jaws were on the computers and that he would doublecheck and get back to me.

​I received confirmation on 9/14/2015 that the software was installed on all computers and working
For future assistance, we should contact Barbara directly
No presence informationRankin, Calvin D
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