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 Welcome to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services

The purpose of the Student Services SharePoint is to allow team members to be connected and productive by providing an infrastructure for communication, discussion, document sharing, collaboration, and repository of useful information.

 Goals (2009-2016)

  1. Improve student access by simplifying the matriculation process for students (application, assessment, orientation, advising, and enrollment). Incorporate assessment and orientation as two steps in the enrollment process to maximize the number of students who participate.
  2. Provide comprehensive (student services and academic department) outreach services to encourage high school students to begin their college education as soon as they are ready through concurrent enrollment or at the point of high school graduation. Provide matriculation services for seniors at feeder high schools.
  3. Develop programs for underrepresented and underserved populations to provide college access and success through personalized services.
  4. Increase awareness of the college's diversity by promoting participation in co-curricular activities (e.g. student government and clubs).
  5. Improve student success through inter- and intra-departmental partnerships within the college and throughout the community (e.g. supplemental instruction, first-year experience, financial aid awareness, job readiness).
  6. Increase certificates, AA/AS degrees and transfer rates).
  7. Through program review and SLO assessment, evaluate processes and procedures for continuous improvement in meeting the changing needs of our students.
  8. Provide opportunities for staff to participate in professional development activities for professional and personal enhancement.

 Mission Statement

 "The Student Services Team is committed to providing a comprehensive support system for our diverse student population, empowering them to reach their associate degree, transfer, career, and personal educational goals" (Revised 2014)

 Values Statement

In Progress, Fall 2012


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 Student Services Personnel

Dr. Regina Smith, Vice-President
Dr. Randy Anderson, Dean
Mr. Alen Andriassian, Associate Dean
Mr. William Marmolejo, Dean
Dr. Jeremy Villar, Associate Dean


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