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LACC Portal > Academic Senate > Educational Policies and Program Integrity Committee (EPPIC) > Program Review and Effectiveness > Program Review

 Charge / Mission


Program review provides the College with data to make decisions that improve student success. Program review data are analyzed to determine programs effectiveness in achieving the goals of the college, as articulated in the strategic plan. These results are then used to advance the mission of the College.

This subcommittee of the Shared Governance Council Planning Committee (SGC Planning) and the Educational Planning Committee (EPC) organizes, implements and validates the program review process for all college units. The committee also defines and identifies the programs that will undergo program review.


 III. Operating Procedures

  1. Meetings
    1. Program Review Subcommittee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 p.m.
    2. A quorum will consist of 50 percent of the voting members plus one.
    3. All meetings are open to the college community.
  2. Selection and Duties of Chair
    1. Subcommittee Chair is selected by majority of the subcommittee membership and serves a two year term
    2. The duties of the chair are:
      1. Prepare the agenda,
      2. Facilitate gathering of meeting materials,
      3. Preside over the meetings,
      4. Keep records of the meetings
  3. Communications Members of the subcommittee are notified of meetings and provided the proposed agenda in advance of the scheduled meeting date

 IV. Decision-Making / Recommendations

  1. The Program Review Subcommittee is a college standing committee, makes it decisions by consensus, and makes reports and recommendations to the Educational Planning Committee on issues relating to academic programs and the Shared Governance Council Planning Committee on issues relating to all non-academic-programs.

  2. The committee operating agreement will be reviewed once every two years.

 Important Documents


 II. Composition

The subcommittee will be comprised of members of Student Services, Academic Affairs and Administrative Services

 V. Plan Linkages

The Program Review Subcommittee is directly involved in the execution of the Educational Master Plan and Strategic Master Plan.