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LACC Portal > Academic Senate > Educational Policies and Program Integrity Committee (EPPIC) > Program Review and Effectiveness > Program Review > CPR 2012

 2012-2013 Comprehensive Program Review


This website contains all information and materials related to the 2012-2013 Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) Process. The 2012-2013 CPR process consisted of the following steps:

1. The LACC Program Review Committee developed measures to assess how well each program met the 4 goals of the College Strategic Master Plan between 2007 and 2012.

2. Based on these measures, OIE created a data scorecard for each Instructional Discipline and Student Service. Administrative Service Programs were not provided with data.

3. Each Instructional Discipline completed an Instructional Discipline Report, and any applicable Award Reports. If a program fell below the College median on a measure, they were required to provide an explanation for their data and a plan for improving the data.

4. Each Student Service Program completed a Student Service Report.

5. Each Administrative Service Program completed an Administrative Service Report.

6. All Programs completed a Program Overview Report and a Planning and Budget Report. Instructional CTE Programs completed a CTE Report.

7. The Dean for each Program used a rubric to evaluate their Instructional Disciplines, and any applicable Awards.

8. A 4-person Validation Team used a rubric to complete blind online evaluations of randomly assigned Instructional Disciplines, Awards, Student Services, and Administrative Services.

9. Each Validation Team received the average validation scores for their team, and held a meeting to give Recommendations and Commendations to their assigned Instructional Disciplines, Awards, Student Services, and Administrative Services. More information on this process is here and here.

10. Each program was given 3 weeks to work with their Dean to sufficiently address any Recommendations.

11. Revised reports were submitted for Instructional Disciplines, Awards, Student Services, and Administrative Services.

12. Final Reports were compiled for each Instructional Discipline, Award, Student Service, and Administrative Service.