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 SLO Guide for Students


A Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is a clear statement that describes the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or attitudes that students should attain by the end of any set of college experiences – classes, occupational programs, degrees, certificates and even encounters with Student Services and the library. An outcome states what students can DO with what they have learned, resulting in some sort of product that can be evaluated. SLOs are developed by faculty for every course. Check your course syllabus to see the SLO. 

      A Program Student Learning Outcome (PSLO) states what student will be able to do after completing an entire course of study.  It is a clear statement that describes the ideal graduate of a program.


A “program” is a sequence of courses that leads to a degree, a certificate, a license, or transfer to another institution of higher education.  For example, Music is a program because a student can take a certain sequence of classes and earn either a degree or a certificate. Departmental develop PSLOs for every degree and certificate program at Los Angeles City College.


      An Institutional Student Learning Outcome (ISLO) states the skills and abilities that students are expected to have mastered by the time they graduate from Los Angeles City College. These were developed from the input of faculty and staff across all academic disciplines and student service areas.



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