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 SLO Guide for Students

What are Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLO) and where can I find them? CSLOs describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or attitudes that student attain by successfully completing a course. All faculty are required to list the CSLOs on the course syllaus. 


What are program student learning outcomes (PSLOs) and where can I find them?  PSLOs describe the learning obtained across multiple courses. It describes the ideal graduate of a particular program and what a graduate will be able to do once they have successfully completed all the courses and requirements of a program.  These are listed on each department's website and in the college catalog. Click here for a list of Academic Departments.

What are Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)?  ISLOs state the skills and abilities that students are expected to have mastered by the time they graduate from Los Angeles City College. Click here for a list of our ISLOs.
What is the purpose of assessment? Assessment is one way that faculty use to measure learning and improve learning.  The assessment results are analyzed by faculty and they look for those areas where student performance was strong and those areas that need improvement. Then, faculty create plans to help students improve their peformance. The plan could include revising assignments, textbooks, instructional methods, activities, etc… The assessment process is a requirement for accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior create action plans to improve learning.

What do I have to do for outcomes assessment? There is nothing extra that you will need to do.  The instructor will use an existing class assignment to assess the student learning outcomes.  It may be a writing assignment, a math problem, a project, a portfolio, a music or dance performance, etc...   


Can I see the assessment results for the courses I am taking or for my program?  Absolutely.  Historical results are available on each department's page on the college's SLO website.  Find the department, then click on the +sign to expand the selection, then click on the +FY for the year you want. Open the document called CSLO Results. If you want to know the results for a course you are enrolled in now or one you just finished, you may need to ask your instructor.


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