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collapse FY : 2017-2018 ‎(1)
Feedback on 2016-17 Assessment Reports.docx
collapse FY : 2015-2016 ‎(4)
Assessment Proposals 2015-16 Administrative Services.xlsx
Adminstrative Services Survey Fall 2015.pdf
Admin Services Assessment Report Action Plan Template 2015-16.PNG
Admin Services 2015-16 Assessment Timeline.pdf
collapse FY : 2014-2015 ‎(3)
Administrative Services Assessment Report  Action Plan 2014-15.pdf
Admin Svc mtg 1.14.14.docx
Admin Srvcs Office-wise Campus Survey.pdf
collapse FY : 2013-2014 ‎(3)
SLO Workshop for Classifed Staff October 2013.pdf
Administrative Services Assessment Timeline 2013-2014.pdf
Administrative Services 2013-14 Assessment.xlsx
collapse FY : 2012-2013 ‎(2)
Admin Svcs 10.24.12.pdf
Admin Services Assessment Timeline 2012-2013.pdf
collapse FY :  ‎(2)
Handbook Administrative Services Assessment.pdf
Administrative Unit Outcomes - How to create them.pdf