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LACC Portal > Academic Senate > Educational Policies and Program Integrity Committee (EPPIC) > Educational Planning (EPC)


  1. To develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate the Educational Master Plan
  2. To organize, implement, and validate the program review process for all academic programs
  3. To conduct program viability studies on all academic and instructional programs
  4. To assist in the college-wide budget allocation process for all instructional programs

 Operating Procedures


1. Meetings 

  • Meeting Times
    Meetings of the General Body are held on the first (and 3rd, if necessary) Wednesday of each month in the President’s Conference Room from 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Selection of Chair
    The Chair shall be selected from the General Body of the Educational Planning Committee and shall serve for a two-year term (Senate By-laws)
  • Minutes
    Meeting minutes are made available both electronically and in hard copy versions

2. Agendas

  • Agenda Building
    All agendas are posted within 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date, and items for discussion are noted as proposed agenda items
  • Agenda Order
    Items for the agenda are presented in the order of (1) items “notice-motioned” at the previous meeting, (2) action items, (3) emergency items, and (4) subcommittee reports 

3. Decision Making/Recommendations

  • The Educational Planning Committee, as a standing committee of the Academic Senate, makes its decision by consensus and then forwards its recommendations to the Senate for its approval and implementation.

4. Communications

  • Notification
  • The EPC Chair notifies all members of the general session meetings and provides the proposed agenda within 72 hours of scheduled meeting date
  • Reporting to Constituents
  • EPC members report to their respective constituents at their regularly scheduled meetings—IDWG, AFT, Senate, etc
  • Annual Report
  • At the end of each academic year, the EPC prepares a narrative report on the status of its annual goals and recommendations for that year



The Educational Planning Committee has four (4) standing subcommittees: 

        1. Program Review
        2. Distance Educational
        3. Educational Master Plan
        4. Enrollment Management Plan


 Plan Linkages


The Educational Planning Committee is directly involved in the implementation of various components of the following campus-wide planning efforts: 

        1. Educational Master Plan 
        2. Strategic Master Plan 
        3. Enrollment Management Plan




Faculty Members (19) 

  • Academic Senate President 
  • Academic Senate Vice President 
  • Chair of Department Chairs 
  • Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator 
  • Staff Development Coordinator 
  • Senate-at-Large Representative 
  • Student Services Faculty 
  • Counselor 
  • AFT Faculty Guild Representative (2) 
  • Credit Interdepartmental Work Group (IDWG) Representatives (3 from each IDWG)

Administration (3)     

  • Academic Affair Vice President or Designee 
  • Student Services Vice President or Designee 
  • Institutional Effectiveness, Dean

Associated Student Organization (ASO) Representative

AFT Staff Guild Representative