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The Distance Education Subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of the Educational Policies and Program Integrity Committee (EPPIC) of the Academic Senate. Its purpose is to make recommendations to the EPPIC on academic and professional standards related to distance education, including: certifying faculty in the use of college--approved distance education platforms; recommending policies on preparing faculty for teaching in the distance education mode; and ensuring accreditation standards regarding distance education programs are maintained.


 Operating Procedures



I. Meetings

a. Meeting Times—Currently the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 12p.m. Changes to meeting times may be made upon approval of the Senate Executive Committee.

b. Quorum—A quorum is 50% plus one of the voting membership

c. Open Meetings—As a standing subcommittee of the Educational Planning Committee of the  Academic Senate, all meetings are open and subject to the Brown Act.

d. Selection of Subcommittee Chair— In accordance with Article I of the Bylaws of the Academic  Senate, the subcommittee chair is appointed by the President of the Academic Senate. The subcommittee may, by majority vote of the voting membership, recommend a chair to the Academic Senate President.  

e. Minutes/Notes—Compiled and maintained by Chair

II. Agendas

a. Agenda Building—Agendas are based on old and new business. Agendas are posted publicly and distributed 72 hours in advance of the meeting, and posted on the subcommittee website.

b. Agenda Order—Minutes approval, old business, course reviews, new business.

III. Decision Making/Recommendations

Whenever possible, decisions are made by consensus. If consensus is not reached, then decisions  are made by majority vote of the voting membership. Recommendations on policy are forwarded to  the EPPICC for further review and approval, and to the Academic Senate for approval. Recommendations on faculty certification are forwarded directly to the Academic Senate for  approval. All recommendations approved by the Academic Senate are forwarded to the College  President for final approval.  

IV. Communications

a. Reporting—Distribution of minutes to members; reports to EPPIC and Senate.

b. Distribution of meeting materials – the subcommittee chair will distribute the agenda and all supporting materials 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

c. Annual Assessment — EPPIC and the Academic Senate shall approve the annual assessment. It is due to the Academic Senate for approval by its last May meeting.  

V. Operating Agreement – the operating agreement shall be updated and revised as needed annually, and approved by  EPPIC and the Academic Senate.  

VI. Assessment Strategy—Goal setting and measurement of DE Plan goals in conjunction with Annual Assessment




 Distant Education for Student



Faculty (15)
Four (4) Distance Learning certified faculty appointed by the Academic Senate President: One (1) from each Interdepartmental Working Group (IDWG) and one (1) at-large representative.



Four (4) Distance Learning certified faculty appointed by the AFT Chapter President: One (1) from each IDWG and one (1) at-large representative.   



Two (2) Student Services faculty appointed by the Academic Senate President   



Academic Senate President or designee



Curriculum Chair or designee   



AFT Chapter President or designee   



Chair of the Department Chairs Caucus or designee



Staff Development Coordinator   



Administration (2) 
One (1) Dean of Academic Affairs, appointed by the College President   



One (1) Dean of Student Services, appointed by the College President      



Classified  Staff (1)
One (1) Classified representative, (Computer Network Support Specialist)   



Students (1)
One (1) Student appointed by the ASG