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Educational Policies and Program Integrity Committee


This committee of the Academic Senate makes recommendations, as appropriate, to the Academic Senate and College Council on unit and program level analysis and input into the planning system. This committee is charged with ensuring the quality of student learning and promoting student success at the department, program, and unit levels. This committee oversees the entire program review process, reviews all of the results of program reviews from all areas of the campus (Academic Affairs, Student Services and Administrative Services), and ensures that all improvement plans and recommendations align with the college’s core purpose of providing quality student learning and promoting student success. The EPPIC provides unit level analysis and input for the comprehensive strategic planning cycle. It also provides accountability to ensure that department, program, and unit level goals and objectives, in alignment with the Integrated Strategic Plan, are implemented.



1. Organizing and overseeing all program review process

2. Implementing program viability reviews

3. Overseeing progress in implementing recommendations from CPR, program review updates and viability reviews

4. Prioritizing annual resource requests through the Hiring Prioritization Committee for faculty hiring, and through its Budget Allocation Subcommittee (BAS) for Academic Affairs annual unit plan request prioritization

5. Overseeing SLO assessment in all areas of the college, and ensuring that all units use the results of SLO assessment to improve student learning and success

6. Drafting and recommending policies that advance the educational mission of the college and promote student success. (EPPIC responsibilities extend to the distance education and non-credit programs.)



 Shared Documents

EPPIC 2015-16 Roster.docx
Call for Viability Study form v.3.docx
Supporting Documents2015-2016
2015_2016 Program Review Validation Sharedoffline10212015.docx
EPPIC Operating Agreement 2014-2015.docx
Annual Assessment 2014-15 EPPIC June 30 2015.doc
Directive to EPPIC CPR Validation 9-26-13[3].pdf
EPPIC Operating Agreement 2013-2014 Final.pdf
EPPIC Roster 2013-2014_20130830.pdf
planning and resource request time line 2013 AC revised.pdf
Request to Begin the Continuance_Discontinuance Process_Approved_EPPIC 9.15_Approved_ ACAD SEN. 9.16.10.doc




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