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The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the approval for all new programs and certificates, changes to those programs and certificate, new courses, updates of those courses every six years, course changes, course archives, honors sections, distance education courses, and standalone courses.

 Operating Procedures


A. Meetings

  1. Meeting Times: 2nd Tuesday of the month –12:30-2:30. The committee has historically met in in January, but does not meet in June or July.
  2. Quorum - A quorum will consist of 50 percent of the voting members, plus one.
  3. Open Meetings - All meetings of the curriculum Committee will be open and public.
  4. Conduct of Meetings is outlined in the Operating Agreement
  5. Selection of Committee Chair: The Curriculum committee chair is elected by faculty as Vice President of Academic Senate for a 2 year term.
  6. Minutes/Notes - are taken at every meeting and posted on curriculum web site

B. Agendas

  1. Any new information related to curriculum, some which may require either feedback or a vote to the District Curriculum Committee
  2. Approval of any new courses, course updates, changes, archives, etc.

C. Decision Making/Recommendations

  1. Decision-Making: all decisions are brought to the Senate for approval
  2. Recommendations

D. Communications

  1. Notification
  2. Reporting to Constituents
  3. Annual Report: monthly reports

E. Assessment Strategy




 Summary Link Web Part



  • The Curriculum Chair is elected by the faculty as Vice President of the Academic Senate for a term of 2 years. 
  • The Curriculum Committee is composed of one representative from each department. New representatives must complete a Stand Alone training session with the Curriculum Chair in order to vote in the meetings.
  • Curriculum Dean