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Makes recommendations to the College Council on college-wide budget allocations in alignment with institutional priorities established by the Strategic Planning Committee. It also makes recommendations on budget augmentations and reductions during the course of a given fiscal year. 




       1. Reviews all base budget allocation requests and recommends final base budget allocation allotments to the College Council.

       2. Reviews all budgetary resource request prioritizations beyond the base budgets from Academic Affairs, Student Services and Administrative Services, and develops the annual college-wide budgetary resource request priority list.

       3.   Recommends allocation of additional resources in the event that additional funds are made available to the college during a given fiscal year.

       4.  Recommends budgetary reductions in the event that college funding is reduced during a given fiscal year.

       5.  Oversees progress towards implementation of priorities established through the budget allocation process.

       6.   Makes recommendations on requests for emergency budget allocations.




Third Monday of each month during the academic year.




Faculty – 8 (4 Academic Senate, 4 AFT 1521)

  1 Academic Senate President

  1 Chair of Chairs

  2 Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate president

  1 AFT 1521 Chapter President

  3 Faculty appointed by the AFT 1521 Chapter President

Administration (4)

  1 Vice President of Academic Affairs

  1 Vice President of Student Services

  1 Vice President of Administrative Services

  1 Teamsters Chapter President

Staff (4)

  1 AFT 1521A

  1 SEIU Local 99

  1 SEIU Local 721

  1 Building and Trades

Students (1)

  1 ASG President

Alternates (9)

1 alternate each for the Academic Senate, AFT 1521 Faculty Guild, Administration, Teamsters, AFT 1521A, SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 721, Building and Trades, ASG