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The purpose of the Technology Steering Committee is to plan and coordinate the application of technology to the execution of the College’s mission and the achievement of its goals and objectives.  The TSC also serves as an information resource on technology-related issues across all LACC divisions, units, and programs.  The TSC provides general direction and makes recommendations on college-wide technology issues.

1.         Create, develop and manage the Technology Master Plan

i.          This plan will establish linkages with the College’s mission, strategic directions, and/or goals, and with other LACC planning processes such as Educational Plan and Facilities Plan, as appropriate.

ii.         This plan will be written in a timely manner following a flexible schedule as part of the planning cycle.

iii.       This plan will include provisions for orientation and training of faculty and staff about the processes established.

iv.        This plan includes provisions for keeping the Committee up to date on technology developments that are potentially relevant to LACC.

v.         This plan will include procedures for evaluation and revision of the process itself.

2.         The TSC will monitor and evaluate progress in reaching both the annual goals and objectives and the long range goals of the Technology Master Plan and report the result to the Shared Governance Council.

3.         The committee will effectively communicate its progress in creating and managing the Technology Master Plan with the rest of the campus community.

4.         Serve as an advisory committee for the IT department.

5.         TSC provides a feedback loop between the Technology plan and the departmental/program annual plans for technology. 


  1. The Technology Steering Committee is a standing committee of the Shared Governance Council.
  2. Committee Composition
    1. Faculty:  Six total faculty including one representative from each of the following:  AFT, department chairs, library, senate, a vocational, and a non-vocational department.
    2. Classified:  Four total classified staff including admissions, IT, research and planning
    3. Management & Administration:  Two members of the management staff
    4. IT:  Manager
    5. Students:  One student

 Operating Procedures

  1. The Committee will be co-chaired by a faculty and another member elected by the Committee members on an annual basis.
  2. Notes will be taken by a designated member or substitute, utilizing the committee reporting form.
  3. Voting will preferably be by consensus but if that is not possible the majority vote wins for the sake of moving forward.
  4. Agenda building will consist of items from the floor, SGC and faculty/staff requests, and continuing committee business
  5. The TSC will assist in the college planning and budgeting process

a.      The committee will recommend technology goals and resource allocation based on goals identified in the Program Review/Unit Planning process

b.     The committee will be a resource for requests to SGC Budget Committee at the appropriate time in the budget cycle.

  1. The TSC will review and recommend to SGC new policies, processes and procedures related to technology in the following areas:

a.      Guidelines for evaluating technology requests and for allocating technology resources.

b.     Guidelines for service level agreements between the Information Technology department and campus users.

c.      Guidelines for acceptable use of technology.

d.     Web structure, content, and related issues.

e.      Standards for support, software, infrastructure, and other hardware.

f.      Recommendations on other technology-related issues as needed in coordination with the District.

  1. The TSC will review this operating agreement at the first meeting of each academic year.
  2. Provide an annual report to SGC summarizing the Tech plan progress.

Committees/Subcommittees/Task Forces/Workgroups

The web taskforce, The ADA compliance working group, bookstore web offerings

Coordinates with the Distance Education subcommittee.

Plan Linkages

Technology Master Plan

The Web Content Policy

The Web Usage Policy



, AFT 1521, Co-Chair
Pamela Atkinson, AFT 1521A, Teaching Learning Center, Co-Chair
, Coordinator, Staff & Organizational Development
Donna Morley, Office of Special Services
Juan Mendoza, Manager, College Information Systems
Dorothy Fuhrmann, Library
, IT Staff
Dan Wanner, Academic Senate President
, Dean, Student Services
, Cinema, Film and TV
, Music
, Dean, Academic AffairsASO Student (to be assigned)
, Administrative Services (resource)
, Institutional Effectiveness (resource)

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