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LACC Portal > College Council > Strategic Planning Committee > Staff & Organizational Development

 Flex Information

Faculty Flex Reporting Deadline 2014-2015 

ALL Faculty = June 10, 2015

**Late reports will not be accepted.



The Staff and Organizational Development committee oversees the campus professional development program (Title 5, Section 55720), which offers faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in activities that enhance institutional effectiveness practices and promote engagement by all employee groups.

 S&OD Committee

Staff and Organizational Development committee membership (specified in the Contract) is limited to 20, including 6 faculty members, 6 classified employees and 3 administrators. Additional members for this year include resources and those who volunteered to work specifically on accreditation. Meetings are held on Fourth Thursday of each at 3:30pm in AD #300.


  • Book Program: Second Tuesdays @ 12:30pm, JH 317
  • Website: Fridays as needed at 11am in AD 300
  • Classified: Fridays as needed at 12:30pm in AD 300
  • Professional Development: 4th Wednesday at 8:00am in AD 300
  • S&OD Plan: Fridays as needed at 1:30pm in AD300


 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on Fourth Thursday of each month at 3:30pm in AD 300.


Special thanks to our S&OD Committee for its excellent work in getting LACC reaccredited.

In order to meet the standards of our accreditation, the ACCJC recommends that we “develop a robust and comprehensive professional development program to both enhance institutional effectiveness practices and promote institutional engagement by all employee groups.” (Recommendation #2 from the ACCJC Evaluation Report)

 Strategic Master Plan

As part of our objectives and strategies in response to the ACCJC recommendation concerning professional development, the Staff and Organizational Development Committee's Strategic Master Plan enhances institutional effectiveness practices through alignment with existing campus plans.

 Current Membership

  • Christine Park, Coordinator/Chair, S&OD


  • Pam Atkinson, Teaching Learning Center, Chair of Classified Professional Development
  • Colleen Stringfellow, AFT Classified, President's Office
  • Joeven Diche, AFT Classified, Bookstore
  • Ishkanoui Avanesian, Classified, Budget Office
  • Korla Williams, Classified, Academic Affairs
  • Nicholas Ward, Classified, Business Office


  • Joseph Pak - AFT, Philosophy
  • April Pavlik - Senate, Psychology
  • Nate Lorentz - Senate, Geology
  • Rosalind Goddard - Senate, Library
  • Christina Heisser - Senate, Social Sciences
  • Alexandra Wiesenfeld, Resource, Art
  • John Freitas, Resource, Senate President


  • Allison Jones - Dean of Academic Affairs

Chairs Caucus:

  • N/A


2014-2015 S&OD Committee Meeting
2014 Faculty Symposium

 Contact Us

Christine J. Park
Director of Staff & Organizational Development
323.953.4000 x2887 - AD #315


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