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 I. Charge / Mission


 The Enrollment Management Team (EMT) works to expand student access, meet student educational needs, and optimize enrollment while maintaining high quality instruction and economic efficiency. 

  • Classes are scheduled on the basis of demonstrated demand and effective academic sequencing.
  • Contractual obligations on class size are observed.
  • Course sections that are not likely to meet contractual minimum enrollment by the first day of instruction are canceled.
  • Criteria for exempting course sections from cancellation for low enrollment are developed and followed.


 II. Composition


The EMT consists of eighteen (18) representatives from the following constituencies, with one non-voting member

Academic Affairs (10)

Vice President of Academic Affairs (Committee Chair)

Four Department Chairs   

All (5) Academic Deans including Assistant Deans            

Student Services (4)

Vice President of Student Services

Dean of Student Enrollment

Student Success Support Coordinator

Department Chair of Counseling

Faculty Leadership (3)         

Academic Senate President or designee

President, AFT Faculty Guild or designee

Chair of Chairs Caucus

Student Representative (1)

ASG Representative


Resource (non-voting)

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness or designee



 III. Operating Procedures


A.   Meetings


Meetings are scheduled on the first Thursday of every month at 3:30pm during primary terms. Members of the campus community are free to attend.


B.       Duties of the Committee Chair

1.   The Vice President of Academic Affairs chairs all meetings of the EMT

2.   The Chair also performs the following duties:

a. Preparing the agenda

bFacilitating the gathering of meeting materials

c. Keeping minutes

d. Posting meeting documents to SharePoint


 IV. Decision-Making/Recommendations/Communications


A.   The EMT is a standing committee of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), makes it decisions by consensus, and then forwards any recommendations to the SPC.

a.   If an item does not have consensus then a vote may be taken, providing there are at least 50 percent of the seated membership plus one present.

B. The Annual Committee Assessment Report will be prepared by the EMT Chair, reviewed by the EMT,  and forwarded to the SPC.

C.  This Operating Agreement will be reviewed once every two years.


 V. Plan Linkages


Ø  ACCJC Accreditation Standards IB2-4, IIA6c, IVA3-4

Ø  Strategic Master Plan Goals and Objectives

Ø  The EMT is responsible for the development, implementation and assessment of the college Enrollment Management Plan. (The current plan supports Educational and Strategic Master Plan goals 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, and 1.1.5.) 


 Enrollment Reports

Current term enrollment summary
Relative day college comparisons and section level enrollments and fill rates
Enrollment Analysis
Course and discipline-level reports for enrollment management and strategic planning
District Reports and Projections
Reports comparing all 9 colleges and FTES projections provided by the ESC