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 Title V: Anytime Anywhere Pathways to Success


The Anytime Anywhere Pathways to Success Project is a Title V Co-operative Grant-funded project between LACC and WLAC. The project will strengthen the long-term self-sufficiency of both colleges by improving access and success of time- and place-bound Latino and low- income students in programs that can lead to higher-paying jobs and/or to transfer to four-year institutions for baccalaureate completion, while simultaneously increasing enrollments through new distance-learning markets. This meets the purpose of the Title V program to “expand opportunities for and the academic attainment of Hispanic students” and responds to Invitational Priorities #1 and #3 regarding improving persistence, completion and graduation rates.

The project consists of three initiatives:

  • Initiative One: Increasing Access Through Expanded Distance Learning Opportunities
  • Initiative Two: Increasing Success Through Distance Education Student Services
  • Initiative Three: Enhancing The Infrastructure and Faculty Resources To Support Distance Learning

Initiative One focuses on the 

  • Joint City/West development of an online Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts by converting face-to-face courses to distance format
  • West will develop distance delivery courses in support of three new one-year certificate programs in Renewable Energy, Animation, and Digital Media.

Initiative Two focuses on developing academic support and student services to facilitate student success. 

  • City and West will develop several online services, beginning with a joint one- stop portal for distance students that will bring together in one place all of the information and links students need in order to access online learning and support services
  • As subsequent services are developed, they will be added to the portal.  (Readiness Assessment Tool and Distance Learning Success Course to ensure that students have the skills they need to succeed in an online environment)
  • In subsequent years, online versions of financial aid, tutoring, a Help Desk, expanded library resources, mobile-friendly web pages/smart phone apps of student services (like campus maps, schedules, the portal and more) and a social media communications tool. 
  • Upon completion of the five-year period, City and West will have a full complement of online support and student services to facilitate the academic success of time and place-bound students.

Initiative Three emphasizes strengthening the distance education technology infrastructure of both institutions 

  • Increasing resources for faculty to accommodate an increased volume of distance coursework by 
  • Adding servers and media storage space
  • City will add faculty course development stations and computers for training to its existing Teaching and Learning Center
  • West will create its first faculty development studio.


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