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Greetings Faculty!
I hope you were able to get some time to vacation and rest over the summer. For myself and family, we enjoyed a great vacation to New England. Now that we are beginning the new semester, I hope you will take the time to review this newsletter and use it as a tool and resource for your valuable work as a faculty member at Los Angeles City College.
Please join with me in welcoming the following new full-time probationary faculty who have joined Los Angeles City College since my last fall newsletter in 2015. They are as follows:
·        Maria Tibbs in the Child Development Center
·        Oscar Flores as a General Counselor
·        Jesus Gomez as a General Counselor
·        Miguel Coronado as an EOPS/CAFYES Counselor
·        Andrea Cons-Diller as an English faculty
·        William Lemon as an English faculty
·        Kylowna Moton as an English faculty
·        Jeff Hicks as an English faculty
·        Keika Stevenson as an International Counselor/Coordinator
·        Katharine Coon-Hamilton as a new Librarian
·        Mojgan Khatoonabadi as a Mathematics faculty
·        Angela Q. Wayne as a Mathematics faculty
·        Milen Kirov as a Commercial  Music faculty
·        Kristina Raymond as a Music Education faculty
·        Anika Jackson as a Political Science instructor
We all welcome you to the faculty ranks of Los Angeles City College!
It has been particularly encouraging to see the progress that LACC has made toward improving its completion agenda. Over the past two years, certificate completions have increased to 605 for 2015-2016, up by 12%, and degrees to 673, up by 18%. That is significant progress, for which I want to commend you as faculty for playing a crucial role in making this happen. In addition, our accreditation outcome was outstanding with the college receiving reaffirmation from ACCJC at its June 2016 meeting. We have a report and follow-up visit in fall 2017; so, we will be preparing together for that.
The college will be working this year on restructuring and expanding enrollment management to include not only efficient scheduling of classes but also recruitment, marketing, branding, and improved retention strategies. Part of this restructuring of the Enrollment Management Team will include converting it to a working committee with representatives from all the college divisions and formalizing the creation of a working Marketing Team.
I want to conclude this letter with a call to action and an “all hands on deck” participation in doing everything each and every one of us can to increase enrollment at Los Angeles City College. It is probably the single most important challenge that we are currently facing. We need to nurture morale among one another and our students. We all need to work respectfully together and especially with our students that we are here to serve. Please add every single student possible to your classes, promote your classes in any way you can, and work together with the college efforts to implement the interventions that will increase our enrollment. We are all about student success---but students cannot succeed if they are not here.
Thank you for valued contribution to make LACC The City’s College.
Daniel Walden, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Los Angeles City College
855 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Office Location: Cesar Chavez Bld, AD 212
Office phone: (323) 953-4000 Ext. 2051




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